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An adult diaper doubler can increase absorbancy by sometimes 50% or more. Some adult diaper doublers can be stacked for even more absorbency. They are very useful for the toughest of jobs. Night time incontinence is one of the best uses for adult diaper booster pads. If you are leaking at night, first try some booster pads and at last resort. Large Adult Diaper Booster Pad Liner Inserts with Adhesive (15.75 x4.25 Inch) - Extra Absorbent Doubler Locks in Moisture Throughout Day or Night, 18 Ounce Absorbency (25 Count) by BrightCare.

Booster pads and diaper inserts to increase absorbency inside any absorbent undergarment. Helps stay dry all-night with diaper inserts and doublers while minimizing leaks and linen changes. Aug 21, 2011 · They make "doublers" that look like Kotex pads, and you can even use "Poise" pads as a "doubler". I use a razor blade to slit backing. (side-by-side along the crotch of an adult diaper) to make a it really thick but it does avoid all the problems of using an inside diaper. I never understood the concept of double diapering. I buy.

Different Shapes of Booster Pads and Diaper Doublers. A contoured booster pad lines the top of any disposable brief or undergarment to increase its liquid holding capacity. A contoured booster pad substantially improves user comfort by eliminating leaks, rashes and nighttime chafing that can occur from brief/diaper changes. Whoot! Boosters are back in stock! Booster pads (also known as diaper doublers) are fun way to increase the absorbency of your diapers. Worn with a diaper, The Rearz Incontrol Booster pads provide a full 1.3L of additional absorbency, filling to capacity before allowing urine to pass through to the diaper.