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The treatment of time refers to Knock Knee in children. As stated above, Knock Knee is children is often a condition that goes away over time. Since it is common in children, it is important to be patients and give the child time to grow to see whether or not they outgrow Knock Knee . Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Ferguson on knock knees treatment adults: Either you are genetically destined to be bow legged or increasing wear along the inside of the knee with time is causing you to become bow-legged. Rarely a disease process could contibute to bowing of the legs.

Knock knees: Introduction. A childhood deformity where the knees rub together and the heels tend to be further apart than normal when walking. The condition is mostly caused by irregular growth of the lower leg bones and weak ligaments which results in inadequate support of the body's weight causing the knees to come together and the ankles to spread apart.Next: Symptoms of Knock knees. Even in adulthood, they rarely require formal treatment, though severe knock knees in adults can lead to further problems. Most people outgrown knock knees by age 7, but if knock knees remain a problem orthotics can often help both children and adults. to knock knees, to normal adult alignment.