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Characteristics of Gifted Adults Emotional Aspects of Gifted & Creative Adults The Misdiagnosis of Gifted Adults Challenges of Gifted Adults The Gifted Adult Experience ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia & More: 2e, Twice Exceptional Stresses Coaching or Therapy? Looking for A Therapist? Personal & Life Coaching Friends & Gifted Adults Gifted Adult Writers Books. A problem educators face is how to narrow the pool of those children tested for gifted testing. Gifted testing is expensive for two reasons: the individual tests themselves are expensive and then there is the cost of the person administrating the test. Whether it is a school counselor or a psychologist, they are paid an hourly wage or a flat fee.

The definition of high giftedness we feel is best suited for our purposes, is that someone should be seen as highly gifted if he or she achieves a very high IQ test score. Typically, an IQ score of 130 is used as the limit. 2.5% of the population achieves an IQ test score that high. Some traits of giftedness overlap with traits of developmental disorders. It can thus be tough to determine whether a child is gifted or diagnosable with ADHD, high functioning autism, or another related issue. And, of course, it is quite possible to be gifted and also have a developmental disorder.

Gifted assessments are required for placement in special gifted programs within the public educational system, or in private schools offering a gifted curriculum. It is conducted to determine whether a child is functioning above the age expectation in their ability to reason logically and solve problems. Interacting & Working with 'multi-gifted' adults requires specialized knowledge, training and skills. Helping gifted, talented, and creative adults understand themselves, their gifts, and to live life more fully is my passion. Helping people understand and appreciate gifted, talented, and creative adults is my mission.