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online phd in adult education - Doctorate in Adult Education Online | PhD in Adult Education

Be a leader in higher education. Expand your qualifications to teach at the college level. Our online PhD in Education, Postsecondary, and Adult Education degree prepares you to lead in a variety of post-secondary education settings, including adult education, distance education, continuing higher education, health care education, community development, and military education. The PhD in Adult Education is designed to prepare individuals for leadership careers related to adult education, adult learning, and organizational development. One of the major benefits of earning a degree in Adult Education is the number of options available for career pathways.

Adult Education degrees differ from other education degrees due to cognitive differences in developmental stages. Review doctorate in adult education and find the perfect program for you. No time for an on-campus degree? Review online doctorate in adult education on Gradschools.com today! Become a Leader in Lifelong Learning. The Ed.D. in Adult and Lifelong Learning degree prepares students for employment in programs that provide adult literacy and education, lifelong learning, community and nonprofit organizations, military education, postsecondary education, and continuing professional education.

In this course, learners study adult learning theory and learning styles and preferences. Course topics include adult education theories, principles of adult learning, and methodology for best practice in adult education. Learners also reflect on their personal educational philosophy and practice. Pursuing a Doctorate in Adult Education-Centered Career. An online PhD in adult education could be a great stepping stone for students to pursue a career at an administrative or managerial level. The advanced coursework might prepare you to oversee instructional development of students, and affect a larger student body of adult learners.Author: Elearners.Com.