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Located next to the Pearson wing of New Westminster Secondary School, we support adult learners who want academic upgrading in English or Math,. or who need specific courses to enter post-secondary institutions, or who wish to complete their high school graduation. The centre is open year-round and on weeknights. We provide a community setting that is adapted to the particular needs and. Pearson Adult Learning Centre has been part of New Westminster since 1988. With 14 teachers and five classrooms, the centre offers a variety of academic credit courses and English Language Learning classes year round, through both winter and summer.

Adult Learning Centre. Our Adult Learning centre is located next to the Pearson wing of New Westminster Secondary School. We support the needs of adult learners who need academic upgrading in English or Math, or specific courses for post-secondary institutions, or High School graduation. About the Centre. Welcome to PACC Adult Education Centre where students are the heart of our school. Adult Education at PACC is teacher-directed and is taught by a seasoned group of dedicated professionals who know that each student who walks through our doors is capable of achieving success.

PACC Career Centre offers some of the most sought after and prestigious English career programs in the province. Our one-stop, no-nonsense approach to learning, training and the development of job-finding skills, makes us the destination for following your unique passion. Provides year-round academic upgrading and Grade 12 graduation for students ages 19 and over. Curriculum is offered in a self-paced and structured environment by certified teachers.