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The good news is that taking steps to ease the pressure will help relieve engorgement more quickly. Here's how you can make breastfeeding more comfortable and ease engorgement: Just before nursing, place a warm compress on your breasts for a few minutes to get the milk flowing. You could also take a quick warm shower. How to Reduce Postpartum Breast Engorgement. Breasts that are engorged are hard and uncomfortable with tight, translucent skin. The pain and distention often can extend into the underarm area. More severe breast engorgement can also cause numbness and tingling in the hands from pressure on an individual's nerves.

Oct 24, 2018 · Breast engorgement is swelling that occurs with increased blood flow and milk in your breasts in the first few days after you give birth to a baby. Breast engorgement can occur both if Author: Kimberly Holland. Apply heat to the breast for 5-10 minutes before nursing. Using warm, moist compresses or taking a warm-hot shower with gentle breast massage can help the milk flow. Apply cold compresses to your breasts after feedings for 15-20 minutes. Cold can reduce swelling and inflammation.