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ComicStripFan.Com. Bugs Bunny. Example of Bugs Bunny Sunday by Ralph Heimdahl and Al Stoffel, April 6, 1975. Copyright Warner Brothers, Inc. A beautiful, large 3. Comic strip. The Bugs Bunny comic strip ran for almost 50 years, from January 10, 1943 to December 30, 1990, syndicated by the Newspaper Enterprise Association. It started out as a Sunday page and added a daily strip on November 1, 1948.First appearance: Porky's Hare Hunt (as Happy Rabbit), .

Apr 04, 2004 · Aside from being the newspaper strip artist, Heimdahl was also the definitive artist for Western's Bugs Bunny stories starting in the mid-1950s. I'd say that the post-1950s comic books and comic strips definitely take place in the same world (to the detriment of cartoon faithfulness). Bugs bunny comic strips times-news Hendersonville NC Part 1 Note: these are only the readable ones. The rest are in terrible shape. these are from June to August 1980Author: Kamden Spies.

Find the value of the Gold Key comic Bugs Bunny volume 1. What is your Bugs Bunny comic book worth?Reviews: 1.1M. Oct 02, 2011 · And he did when the Newspaper Enterprise Association syndicated the Bugs Bunny Sunday comic strip. Charles Brubaker quotes ‘100 Years of Newspaper Comics’ as saying that the strip ran from 1942 to 1993. This is the earliest Sunday colour comic I can find, from September 19, 1943. Click on it to enlarge.