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sexual maturity teen - Puberty leads to Physical and Sexual Maturation during Teens

Puberty Sexual Maturity Rating. I n 1962, James Tanner published a Sexual Maturity Rating system that is still in use today. The scale ranges from prepubertal (stage I) to adult (stage V). For girls, the stages of puberty are based on breast size (B) and shape, and pubic hair (P) development and distribution. Teen Health Supervision. A dolescents visit health care providers for well exams and sports physicals. As teens do not often seek health services, it is important to make the most of these visits. Below, we will address several unique issues related to providing adolescent health care.

Puberty Leads to Sexual Maturity in Children. Puberty is the most important biologic facet of teenage development in which a child becomes an adult. Puberty has two main components: The biologic process: As a result of the physiological changes a child becomes an adult in size. The age at onset and rapidity of sexual development vary and are influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Sexual maturity begins earlier today than a century ago, probably because of improvements in nutrition, general health, and living conditions—eg, the average age of menarche has decreased by about 3 years over the past 100 years.

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