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The hairy-tailed bat (Lasiurus ebenus), is a bat species originally known only from its type locality, Ilha do Cardoso State Park in Brazil.A second specimen was collected in 2018, in Carlos Botelho State Park, approximately 100 kilometers away.. ReferencesClass: Mammalia. Apr 03, 2011 · The red ones. A few hairy-tailed bat species are notable for possessing reddish fur (sometimes described as brick red), and quite why they're so .

Lasiurus is the genus comprising hairy-tailed bats. The generic name Lasiurus is derived from the Greek lasios (hairy) and oura (tail). It contains some of the most attractive bats (Chiroptera) in the whole continent of North America, including such species as the eastern red bat, L. borealis, and the hoary bat, L. cinereus.They are very robust and long-winged, with fast and strong flight Class: Mammalia. Overview: Eastern red bats are a part of the migratory tree bats group. This includes hoary, evening, and silver-haired bats. These bats all migrate farther south than our cave- dwelling bats, and they hibernate in trees and leaf litter instead of caves.

Comments: Taxonomy Prior to 1988 there were five subspecies of red bat (subgenus Lasiurus) recognized.Under this classification, only the northern red bat (Lasiurus borealis borealis) was found in eastern and central North America. Two of the former subspecies have been raised to species status, three were transferred to subspecies of western red bat (Lasiurus blossevillii). Lasiurus xanthinus Western yellow bat Nycticeius humeralis Evening bat Euderma maculatum Spotted bat Corynorhinus rafinesquii Rafinesque's big-eared bat Corynorhinus townsendii Townsend's big-eared bat Antrozous pallidus Pallid bat. FAMILY: MOLOSSIDAE. Tadarida brasiliensis Brazilian free-tailed bat Nyctinomops femorosacca Pocketed free-tailed.