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spank this monkey not your own -

Spank the Monkey: Keep your pants on and see how fast you can send this monkey sailing. Will this plastic little critter reach the upper atmosphere? Free Funny Games from AddictingGames4.5/5(25K). waxing the carrot, choking the bishop, jacking the beanstock, yankee-ing the doodle,peting the one eyed wonder weasel, waxing the wood, caulking the cracks, jacking off, wanking.

One statement was very true - the phrase "spanking the monkey" is commonly referred to with men, not women, but the question was about the word "monkey" which does refer to the genitals (in America) of men and women. spank (one's) monkey: [verb] to masturbate. Applies only to male masturbation. Dude, quit spanking your monkey. See more words with the same meaning: to masturbate.