- talking with a christian who has embraced homosexual lifestyle


talking with a christian who has embraced homosexual lifestyle -

To call oneself "gay" is to shortchange sexual reality, says lay minister Daniel Mattson, who used to identify as homosexual but now leads a chaste life despite having same-sex attractions.Author: Brandon Showalter. Just let him know that while you love him dearly, your Christian convictions won’t allow you to condone what you regard as sexual immorality. Help him understand that the choice is his to make. If he persists in arguing that the Bible has nothing to say against homosexuality, remind him gently that the evidence all points in the opposite.

Mar 29, 2017 · “Church Is Driving Gay People to Suicide, Warns Christian Charity” was the startling headline that recently appeared in the Telegraph, a UK publication.1 This article was based on a report from the research group The Oasis Foundation titled “In the Name of Love: The Church, Exclusion and LGB Mental Health Issues.”2 This report sought to bring awareness to the disproportionately large Author: Avery Foley. Hillsong grooming its members to embrace Queerstianity (Part 1) Now Brian is grooming Christians in his movement to embrace the false “Gay Christian” doctrine. a Center for Contemplative Activism, has spent her life in social justice work among the world’s poor. A member of the New Friar movement, for nearly 20 years she and her.

Jul 15, 2014 · The topic of homosexuality can no longer be ignored. Many churches have closed their eyes hoping it would just go away or they have inwardly . COMMENTARY How Should Christians Respond to Homosexuals? By Brian Bates. CBN.com – Singer/songwriter Brian Bates has been candid about struggling with homosexuality early in his life. Because of the recent gay marriage amendments in many states as well as revelations from Clay Aiken and popular Christian artist Ray Boltz, Brian has been approached by both fans and media to give .